Press Corner

    Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa at Golden Globes Awards Ceremony
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    New Year's Eve Party
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    Maradiva awarded at the 23rd Annual World Travel Awards
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    The First Hotel Presentation in VR in Mauritius
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    Distinctive Excellence Awards Received at 'The Oscars of Luxury'
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    Maradiva Villas Resort Spa Resort Map
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    White Party 2016
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    Maradiva Excels At The Hotel World Exposition
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    Press Release DJ Nessa
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    Press Release - Royal Ascot 2016
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    Press Release - Resort Manager
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    Press Release - General Manager
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    The Launch Of New Boutiques At Maradiva Villas Resort And Spa
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    Unveiling Our Refurbished Private Pool Villas Featuring Hermès
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    Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa: A member of Pure Life Experiences
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    Ayurveda Doctor
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    Discovery of Mauritius by Rolls Royce Phantom with Picnic Hamper
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    Glittering 7th Edition of White Night Party
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    Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa at the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot
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    Cavalli Club Dubai World Tour
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    Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa at the Golden Globe Award Ceremony
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    Grants Banquet Dinner
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    Soirée de Prestige pour 60 Professionnels
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