A Divine Way Of Life

Maradiva is born of the island and at one with its nature.

Our intimate, all-villa resort is an exclusive hideaway that promises luxurious space and deepest privacy. And we have no boundaries to our devotion to giving you our best in every precious moment of your stay.

Ours is a divine world of lush gardens, cocooning privacy, culinary craft, enriching experiences, and heartfelt, tailored care. These pure charms exist to enchant you as you immerse in the magic of Mauritius.


Commitments of the Project

Maradiva prioritises reducing its ecological impact. We are steadfast in integrating sustainable practices into all aspects of our operations as part of our growth plan. The resort hopes to lower its carbon footprint while meeting the demands of its visitors by adopting eco-friendly operations. Our strong ties to the local community demonstrate our commitment to the well being of the community beyond the resort. We have teamed up with Green Globe to reinforce the resort’s dedication to responsible tourism and our role in making a positive impact on the world.

Our sustainability efforts 
Environmental: Ongoing efforts to decrease waste, preserve resources and prevent pollution. The areas which we are focusing on to achieve are goals are the following:

Energy & Carbon: Managing our energy usage efficiently whilst maintaining the comfort of our guests.

Water: Improving water infrastructure. We have our own bottling plant whereby we refill glass bottles.

Waste Management Plan: Efficiency of hotel waste that can be sorted, reused, recycled and recoverable in nature.

Quality: Providing biodegradable whilst maintaining quality products in villas and restaurants.

Some other specific on-going efforts include: We have a new
programme to help heal and grow our coral reefs. Our kitchens source from our own garden and locally for Mauritian products when possible for all the restaurants.

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