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Coast2Coast - All day Dining restaurant

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With its stunning, double-height wooden ceiling, our restaurant offers gourmet dining in relaxed, modern elegance. Here, an authentic local feel accompanies an exquisite blend of refined Mauritian and Mediterranean cuisines.
Choose from a menu of fresh fish caught daily and a range of tender meats, all combined with herbs and vegetables handpicked from our kitchen garden.
Enveloped by lush trees and with expansive views out to the Indian Ocean, it is a tranquil nature lovers’ paradise – a perfect mix of old world tradition with new world flavours.


Our elegant fusion restaurant and lounge is a relaxed night-time-only venue. Here, you can enjoy an exceptional sensory experience that marries the delights of authentic Indian design, live entertainment, and stunning Indian flavours.
North Indian traditions primarily influence the refined cuisine, but it also combines tastes from other regions and offers a variety of imaginative dishes to choose from.


A meal at our Japanese restaurant is a journey in theatrical dining where guests come to be dazzled by the variety of Asian flavours and the mastery of our teppanyaki chef.
With a traditional Japanese menu at its core, the artistic Teppanyaki grill bar experience offers an exceptional range of fresh meats and fish and the pure bliss of traditional Japanese sushi and sashimi.
For those seeking an intimate dining experience, step through to the Asian dining cove. Here you will find a romantic twist to the menu, with a blend of Thai and Chinese flavours to add to the variety of choices.


Under the luscious shade of a large indigenous tree, our coastal beach grille restaurant invites you to indulge in a fusion of the freshest seafood and local dishes.

This is a place where the breathtaking ocean views, warm hospitality and sea-fresh flavours capture the true essence of the island.



Exclusive Cigars

Single Malts

Fine Wine

Cocktail Bar


Our bar boasts the best sunset views on the island. It is the perfect backdrop to an evening of sampling our fine beverages.

This laidback yet lively bar offers exceptional cocktails, finely crafted from a rich array of local fruits, rums, and other superior spirits. And alongside this, we offer a premium selection of cigars from around the world.

By day, you can order drinks from the pool and watch the expert mixologist at work. And by night, it invites you to lounge on stylish sofas and unwind to the beat of a first class, live music performance.


For the villa experience at its most indulgent,
private and unforgettable, have gourmet
cuisine expertly prepared just to your liking by
our talented chefs and delivered directly to
your villa.

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